About CACS2018

 The 2018 International Automatic Control Conference (CACS 2018) is an international conference hosted by the Chinese Automatic Control Society and National Central University, Taiwan. This four-day conference will take place in South Garden Hotels and Resorts, Taoyuan, Taiwan, over Nov. 4 ~ 7, 2018, and present more than 200 papers submitted worldwide. This event will provide a great opportunity for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present the latest design concepts, research results, developments, and applications, as well as to facilitate interactions between scholars and practitioners. Submission of papers with new research results in all aspects of control and automation are encouraged. To broaden the scope and promote participations, organized sessions will also be welcome and incorporated into the CACS 2018 program. Best paper awards will be given to those with outstanding achievements. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • - Linear Systems and Control
  • - Computational Intelligence
  • - Robust Control
  • - Control ICs and Applications
  • - Emerging Technology
  • - Modeling and Simulations
  • - Nonlinear Systems and Control
  • - Autonomous/Intelligent Robots
  • - Digital/Sampled-Data Control
  • - Industrial Applications
  • - DNA Computing
  • - Quantum Control and Computing
  • - Iterative Learning Control
  • - Smart Material Actuator & Control
  • - Networked Control Systems
  • - Mechatronic Systems
  • - Discrete-Event Systems
  • - Chaotic Systems and Control
  • - Intelligent Control
  • - Neural Networks
  • - Machine Vision and Visual Servoing
  • - Servo Control
  • - Identification and Estimation
  • - Variable Structure Control
  • - Fuzzy Systems and Control
  • - Machine Learning and Control
  • - Predictive Control
  • - Adaptive and Optimal Control
  • - Guidance, Navigation, and Control
  • - Signal Processing and Control
  • - Micro/Nano Systems
  • - Systems Biology
  • - Hybrid Systems and Control
  • - Stochastic Systems and Control
  • - Power Electronics and Control
  • - Remote and Supervisory Control
  • - Vehicle Telematics and Control
  • - Robotics System and Control

Important Dates:

Proposals and extended abstracts of organized sessions: July 15, 2018, July 25, August 5, 2018

Submission of contributed papers:August 01, 2018 August 15, August 31, 2018

Notification of acceptance: September 10 25, 2018

Submission of final papers: September 25, October 07, 2018

Organized/ Invited Sessions:

CACS 2018 welcomes proposals for organized/invited sessions within conference scope. Please put the proposal and the extended abstracts of all constituent papers in ONE electronic file when submitting. Please see Guidelines for Proposals of Organized/Invited Sessions for details. A brief document of the invited session must be submitted to orffwang@nfu.edu.tw. The organizer will be informed the acceptance soon after the proposal is approved. Please see Guideline for Special Session Proposal for details. ProposalDocumentDownloadPdfVersion 

** Selected papers of CACS2018 will be recommended to rewrite and then submit to special issues of three SCI-E indexed journals- Sensors, Asian Journal of Control (AJC) or International Journal of Fuzzy Systems (IJFS). Authors of CACS 2018 are encouraged to participate SS1, SS2 and SS14 for possible submission to these special issues.

SS1 IJFS Special Issue (Download CFP)

SS2 Sensors Journal Special Issue / Smart Sensors and Measurement (Prof. C. Y. Chang and Prof. T. R. Ger) (Download CFP)

SS3 Mobile Dual-Arm Robot (Prof. C.-C. Wong and Prof. H.-M. Feng)

SS4 Computational Intelligence and Symbolic Data Processing for Weather Data Processing and Prediction (Prof. S.-F. Su and Prof. C.-C. Chuang)

SS5 Control System Design and Applications (Prof. C.-F. Juang and Prof. C.-L. Lin)

SS6 Guidance and Control (Prof. D.-C. Liaw)

SS7 Advances in IOT Learning Robot (Prof. K.-T. Song, Prof. K.-Y. Young, and Prof. J.-S. Hu)

SS8 Development of Wearable Brain Computer Interface Device (Prof. P.-L. Lee and Prof. Y.-T. Wu)

SS9 Soft Computing and Its Applications in Control (Prof. Y.-G. Leu, Prof. Y.-H. Huang, Prof. H.-H. Chiang, and Prof. S.-Y. Chen)

SS10 Intelligent Medical Robots in Minimally Invasive Surgery (Prof. Y.-Y. Chen and Prof. J.-Y. Yen)

SS11 Ping-Pong Robots Design (Prof. T.-T. Lee and Prof. C.-F. Hsu)

SS12 Swarm Robots for Auxiliary Fire Service (Prof. T.-T. Lee and Prof. C.-F. Hsu)

SS13 Medical Mechatronics Design and POWER Rehabilitation Assessment (Prof. C.-H. Kuo and M.D. S. Lee)

SS14 AJC Special Issue / Modelling and Control for Practical Systems (Prof. S. T. Pan and Prof. C. H. Lee)

SS15: AIoT in Healthcare (Prof Y.-P. Huang and K.-H. Su)

SS16: Collaborative multi-robotic Systems (Prof. C.-C. Tsai, Prof. H.-Y. Lin, K.-S. Hwang, H.-C. Hwang, and G.-R. Yu)

SS17: Safe, automatic, energy efficient and comfortable smart factory and office environment (Prof. K.-Y. Lian and M.-Y Chen)

SS18: Design, Control, and Applications of Intelligent Humanoid Robots (Prof. Tzuu-Hseng S. Li, Prof. K.-Y. Tu, C.-H. Kuo, and P.-H. Kuo)